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baked by elisheva

Driven by her passion for the woman's three mitzvot, Elisheva combines her love for baking with her deep spirituality - the fusion of heart and soul.

chal·lah /ˈhälə, ˈKHälə/

One of the three primary women's mitzvot, Challah is a parable for life as a woman. As nurturers, we take the raw materials of this world and fuse them together, imbuing the world with life itself. With this unique power, we recognize the source of this gift. In contrast to typical bread - lechem, Challah is prepared by reciting a blessing and removing a piece which is set aside, not to be used, exemplifying our appreciation and awareness of the true source of life - G-d Himself.

The Blessing of Challah

The power of the woman resides in her the ability to locate the Divine within the mundane. Challah is the ultimate manifestation of this, where we take wheat, earth's most basic resource and raise its consciousness, infusing it with spiritual purpose. As a result, it is no surprise that our sages teach us that the time of separating the challah is an auspicious time for personal prayer.

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